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The Art of Communicating

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Recent Insights

Making it feel effortless

Great communication often feels effortless.Even though it’s usually far from it. It takes significant effort to make your communication feel effortless. Interestingly, much of that

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Simple ideas

Did you ever struggle to get a simple idea across? This might explain why … We’re so good at adding stuff to our ideas. For

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Proud leaders

What makes you proud to lead your team? Read carefully. I wasn’t asking for what makes you proud to be a leader. I wanted to

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The Finals

This Sunday, the finals for both the Euro 2024 and the Copa America take place. The world’s best players compete at these two tournaments. I

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The opposite

Great communication can give hope.Bad communication can destroy it. I can’t repeat this often enough: Bad communication is not just a little worse than great

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