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Wait, why care about finding better words?

Maybe because precise language can shape your brand’s identity and make it memorable and trustworthy? Or because clear and compelling messages attract customers, foster loyalty, and drive sales?

Hm, all true.

But I think that a better reason is because …

The right words can put a smile on your customer’s face.

They can make Darren, who’s faced a lot of setbacks recently, feel seen and heard.

They can turn a simple hello into a warm embrace, even on a Zoom call.

Transform a moment of confusion into a moment of clarity.

Turn an ordinary message into a cherished memory.

Make difficult conversations a bit easier.

Lift the team’s spirits after the bad news about the project cancellation broke.

Because they can make the new team member feel that they belong from the very first moment.

Or because they can spark joy and laughter when things are about to get too serious.

But perhaps, simply because you can.

In the end, it’s a choice.

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