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Are you afraid of simple words?

People who care for the truth tend to shy away from simple statements. Manipulators don’t.

Which leads into a vicious circle.

Because the manipulators’ shameless use of simplistic statements lead the truth-seekers to get even more skeptical of simple statements. Which, of course, leads the manipulators to use even more of them as now that the counterpart is all complex messages, their simple statements can have an even greater effect.

The solution is not to elaborate in ever more detail why the manipulators are wrong. This would only feed the vicious circle.

The solution is to put in extra effort to find simple statements that are a true representation of the facts.

Let’s say that simpler: Find simple statements that are true.

Manipulators invent simple statements to craft their truth. Truth-seekers uncover simple statements that represent the truth.

Here’s the thing: If you care not only for the truth but also for spreading the truth, looking for this kind of simple statements is one of the most valuable investments you can make.

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