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Who do you trust with your attention?

Your phone?
Your colleague?
That keynote speaker?
The author of the book you’re reading?

It’s an eye opening exercise to make a list of all the permissions you’ve given someone (or something) today to manage where your attention goes. Or last week.

The post you’ve just read on social media. They present you with a thought. You engage with it. But why did you read it?

Who decided that this thought deserves your attention?

The video you watched.
The conversation you had.
The message you checked.

Why did you wacht it? Have it? Check it?

Who gets to decide where your attention goes?

We like to think that it’s us.

But could it be that we delegate that decision more often than we’re comfortable to admit?

On the flip side, if someone grants you permission to manage their attention, for example because they’re sitting in the audience listening to your speech, what do you do with that permission?

Do you handle that permission responsibly? Share a story that’s relevant? Perhaps even helpful?

Have you ever caught yourself giving away your attention without realizing it? Would love to hear your take on that.

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