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Dream’s over

I’ve just approved the final layout for my upcoming book and it got me thinking …

It’s now off to the printer which means that, well, dream’s over. Up until now, the book could have become anything I wanted it to become. But now, it is what it is. Dream’s over.

To be honest, that thought was something that — in the early days of my career — kept me from publishing more. When I worked on something, I tried to keep that dream for as long as possible and wanted to perfect it to come as close as possible to the dream I had of it.

But the moment you hit publish for a blog post, for an eBook, for a video, for a book, means you’ve committed to the thing that it is now, in the shape that it currently has.

Dream’s over.

It’s a point of no return.

Now, I can’t change it anymore.

I would like to encourage you to reflect on how you deal with these situations.

Do you feel like you need to cherish the dream of your piece and hold on to the thought of what it could become rather than making an impact with what it currently is?

Does that thought keep you from publishing more?

From hitting that publish button?

The one thing that’s certain is that any impact you’ll make will happen after that moment.

Curious about your thoughts! Hit reply if you’re open to sharing them.

PS: If you want to get notified about the book’s release, subscribe here. I’ll share some sneak peeks there soon.

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