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The Art of Communicating

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Recent Insights

I have a problem

When someone shares a problem with you, what they need might be a solution to their problem, sure. But then again, perhaps they need something

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99% are sh*t

“Sounds like 99% of ’em are shit! It’s the one percent I’m interested in.” – Dick James in the movie “Rocketman” The 1% music publisher Dick

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The team

It’s not “we, the leaders“ and “you, the team.”It’s “us, together.” Watch for language that separates you from the team. It can be subtle, but

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Technical Brilliance

Apple famously stays away from much of the tech industry jargon. For example, until last week’s keynote Apple had never used the term “AI” in

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5 minutes

That’s how long I wait. After that I’ll leave the call and write a note asking if anything got in their way. I always give

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