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I have a problem

When someone shares a problem with you, what they need might be a solution to their problem, sure. But then again, perhaps they need something else, such as

you sharing your experience.
a different perspective.
a recommendation of someone to reach out to.
a question they didn’t dare to ask because they were afraid of the answer.
a word of encouragement.
someone who just listens.

As humans, we’re problem-solvers. When someone throws a problem at us, our first instinct is to think about solutions to that problem.

But sometimes, it’s useful to pause that intuition. For one, our solution might not be their solution.

But more importantly, it might not even be a solution they need. Being seen and heard could be much more important right now.

It takes a little practice to get a feel for these situations. But when you do, it’ll make a huge difference, not only in business but also in your private life.

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