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Effective communication

In school, you’re taught to write a commentary. But rarely do you find a teacher who teaches you how to comment effectively.

Usually, you will pass the exam if your text ticks the boxes, regardless of whether the content is genuinely convincing or insightful.

Many businesses approach their work documents in the same manner. They write (for example) a strategy document, but not necessarily an effective strategy.

It sounded good during the strategy retreat and it ticked all the boxes. But a few weeks later, there’s no progress.

Feels very much like school, season 2. Only that in business it’s not about getting a good grade. Customers don’t buy because your strategy document is textbook perfect. They buy because your strategy works in real life.

That requires effective words, not just words that tick the textbook case.

What’s often overlooked — in school just as much as in business – is that this is deeply intertwined. You need to think it through, but you also need to articulate it effectively.

It’s not substance or style. It’s both. Driven by the will to make an actual difference.

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