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My Path

I’m here because, perhaps like you, I believe that great ideas deserve to make an impact. But so many of them fail due to poor communication.

My journey began when I worked on my Ph.D. during the mobile phone revolution, a time filled with groundbreaking ideas. Some of them changed the world rapidly and profoundly. At the same time, many brilliant ideas had to die. No-one had cared for finding better words to communicate them.

The brilliant minds behind these ideas believed good ideas would win on their own. But they didn’t. Couldn’t. Because for an idea to change the world, people need to pay attention, understand it, and fall in love with it.

I refused to let my own ideas down, so I went looking for better ways to communicate. People loved the new approach and told me how refreshing the clarity of my communication was.

Shortly after, I started a blog to share what I had learned. It resonated so strongly that people reached out to learn more about my approach to communication. My coaching and consulting business was born.

Today, I help leaders across the globe communicate with irresistible clarity so their ideas can make the impact they deserve. My goal is that you find words you truly believe in about the things you deeply care about. I’d love to make it happen for you, too!

A few more things about me

The Guitar

As someone who always loved playing the guitar (and even considered a pro career), I think there’s a lot in common between music and communication. Sometimes, what moves us most in music or in a conversation isn’t the fanciest note or the most complex word—it’s the honest, simple ones that resonate with our own experiences.

The biggest impact came from a lesson by my guitar teacher: In order to play fast, you gotta practice slowly. It’s that attitude of taking the time to think things through and master them thoroughly, that many of my clients share.

My Physics Teacher

When my Physics course started, my teacher made us an offer: “For every single topic that we cover over the course of the next three years, you can hand me in a text covering what we learnt in your own words. I promise that I will meticulously proofread every text and give you feedback on how well you understand the material, how well it’s argued and how well it’s written.”

Three classmates took the offer, including me. Of those three, I was the only one to do this for every single topic. When I finished school, I had basically written a textbook on school physics, mercilessly edited by my teacher.

That practice has served me well ever since. I’m thankful for this opportunity and for the generosity that my teacher has shown. I think it laid the foundation for my love for finding the right words.

(I’m also baffled at how often people will just pass on opportunities to grow.)

My Family

I made some pretty unusual choices in my life that will only make sense if you know my family. They’re the most important people in my life. I’m incredibly lucky to be married to Stephanie. And my kids continue to make me proud of being their dad every single day.