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The appeal of the new

Recently, I visited a bookstore and overheard a conversation with a customer was hesitant to pick up a book by any author he hadn’t read before.

That reminded me of a person I know who avoids restaurants he hasn’t tried yet.

And another one who prefers to watch movies she already knows.

I think it’s a myth that people crave the new.

Some certainly do.

But most don’t.

They crave familiar.
They hate the risk that always comes with the new.

If you speak to an audience praising your innovation, keep this in mind.

You’re certainly excited by the new ideas, the breakthrough design, the fresh take.

But is that true for audience?

Are they eager to take the risk of the unknown?

Or do they need a little reassurance of the familiar, to see the things that haven’t changed, to be reminded of how that fits with what they already know?

It’s easy to get caught up in our own excitement for the innovation, but it’s just as important to give our audience a chance to catch up.

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