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Things get heated

Heated discussions make for great drama in a TV show, but who likes that in real life?

Let alone in high stakes meetings?

Sure, it makes for a great story when Taylor saves the day at the last minute with his quick-wittedness, persuading the board to approve the plan. Emotions were flying high, the situation was on a knife’s edge. But Taylor just rose to the occasion with his sharp remarks.

Many of us dream of pulling off something like that, visualizing ourselves being the quick-witted hero in tense moments. It feels like the gold standard—the stuff heroes are made of.

Or is it?

Because Cameron handled it very differently with her board. She foresaw the conflict. She made calls beforehand. Listened to their objections. And addressed concerns.

The board meeting went smoothly. Boring almost. Definitely not the kind of story you’d brag about at the bar this evening.

And yet, they arrived at a solution that everyone was happy with, no-one lost their temper, and everyone’s status remained intact.

What would you prefer?

I think that quick-wittedness is very much overrated. I’d certainly prefer the thoughtful “slow-wittedness” of Cameron.

How about you?

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