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Crack the
Clarity Code

How to find the right words and communicate with irresistible clarity!

Clarity is the ultimate accelerator.

Let me explain:

5 Steps to Super Clear Communication

Clarity is an invaluable ingredient for almost all aspects of business and life. It’s the prerequisite for making good decisions and communicating them effectively. In this online course, I walk you through a 5-step process that takes you from gut feeling to razor-sharp clarity so you can speak about, present, pitch, or explain anything with irresistible clarity:











Reflect on
what matters most

Rigorously strip the

Focus on what’s relevant

Refine your words to
resonate stronger

Boost your impact

Understand five fundamental aspects of clarity and learn how some of the world’s finest communicators use them to craft irresistible messages! Deep-dive prompts help you put it into action for your own business and career. Step by step, you’ll gain the clarity you seek and arrive at irresistible communication.
I’ll be honest with you: Clarity takes effort. It’s simple but not always easy. At times, the quest for clarity might even feel like it’s slowing you down. But trust me: When it’s there, it’s the ultimate accelerator.
Communicate more effectively.
Work together as a team more efficiently.
Supercharge your marketing with crystal-clear messaging.

Who is “Crack the Clarity Code” for?

  • You have a breakthrough idea but somehow can’t describe it clearly and concisely to others?
  • You have that important keynote coming up but somehow can’t find the right angle on your topic?
  • Your marketing is confusing because it has too many messages?
  • You have that feeling of total clarity inside but somehow can’t nail it in a concise story?
  • You lead a team of brilliant people but somehow can’t focus them on a common goal?
  • You’re facing an important pitch but somehow struggle to make it irresistible?

How does the online course work?


Each day is kicked off with a short video that introduces you to a profound insight on communicating with clarity.


Prompts help you to reflect on what you’ve learned, dig deeper and apply it to your own communication.


The real benefit is in doing the work. The daily prompts will gradually lead you to a feeling of total clarity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Immediately after payment, you’ll get the first lesson.

Short answer: 5 days.

Long answer: “Crack the Clarity Code” is a tool that can serve you many times. In fact, the process can be applied over and over again to future ideas and ventures.

Over time, the more you use it, thinking with clarity will become second nature to you. In the meantime, the course will be there to support you.

It’s currently on sale for $29 (excl. VAT).

First, consider this: The more you put in, the more you’ll get out. The minimum time invest is 20 minutes per day. But you can invest a lot more than that if you want to get the most out of the course. And many, in fact, do.

Remember that the magic is in doing the work, thinking it through and putting into action what you’ve discovered.

The beauty of it is this: it’s always been in you. We’re just letting it out.

Clarity takes time – and so does this process. The magic really is in doing the work – thoroughly. This course is designed to give you the space – and time – to arrive at clarity. (Plus: Some prompts require you to do some research that you won’t have available right away.)

But if you’re really in a hurry, consider an instant clarity call.

It’s yours to keep. In fact, I highly encourage you to revisit the prompts and apply it to future ideas again and again.

Of course! Here’s my promise: You will leave the course with a feeling of total clarity. We won’t stop at knowing how to find clarity. I’ll guide you to actually find clarity.
(And to make sure that you know I’m absolutely positive on this: There’s a do-the-work-money-back guarantee for the online course. Just show me that you’ve done all the prompts and I’m happy to refund the full fee, no further questions asked.)

The online course contains videos with extended examples. It’s a strict process that gives you the space and time to really think clarity through. Additionally, you’ll have email access to me and my team if you want feedback on something. After the final lesson, you will get the ebook to re-read everything you learned.

Still unsure? Ask me anything:

Cut through the clutter, find the guts to focus and craft messages that are super clear and strong!