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The next note

“When you hit a wrong note, it’s the next one that makes it good or bad.” That’s how Miles Davis described his approach to dealing with the unforeseen.

And there’s not much to add.

Just this, perhaps: It’s often the wrong notes that lead us to explore paths we’d never discover if we strictly stick to the rules and only ever play the “right notes”.

Turns out that these paths — i.e. the ones that started “wrong” — are often much more interesting and rewarding than the “right” paths.

Be open to turning wrong notes into good ones when they happen accidentally.

And dare to explore them deliberately at times.

Have you done that? Would love to hear how you turned it around.

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The Lucy approach

Charlie Brown knew it every time. Yet, next time he bought Lucy’s trick regardless. Every. Single. Time. It’s heartbreaking to see. We wanna shout: “Noooooooo!”

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Seeing it

One of the most powerful questions to ask in order to speak with clarity is “Can you see it?”. Because when you can see it,

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