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Leaders with dim light

Lighting the path is hard when your light is dim. Saying X but doing Y as a leader crushes any team. The same is true for commitments that these leaders ask from their team but deliberately (and regularly) fail to make themselves. When a leader demands standards from their team

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Force tends to create counter-force.Push me and I’ll resist.Pull me and I’ll resist. But show me why it’s worthwhile to get there, and I’ll happily

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Focus: excellent

Now Taylor knows. And can act accordingly. She took my self-assessment and uncovered her core strength: focus, being able to cut to the core. She

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Open to change

Wow opens their mind. Aha changes their mind. Both are better together. Aha moments can’t happen when your audience doesn’t pay attention. Wow moments are

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Behind the facts

Most questions that are worth investing the time to prepare a presentation for don’t have an easy yes-or-no answer. If they had, we could just

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Thoughts on Communicating with clarity as a leader

Opinionated leadership

Someone once told me that “there’s no prospering team that’s not led by a strong leader with strong opinions.” And, indeed, reality seems to prove

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“Empowerment” is a fancy way of saying that you trust your team with making decisions. Unfortunately, what some leaders mean when they use that word

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