Your story deserves to be told the no-bullshit, people-get-it, you’ve-totally-nailed-it way.

Your story deserves to be told the no-bullshit, people-get-it, you’ve-totally-nailed-it way.

If that’s why you’re here, then I promise you this: You will tell your story in a way that feels like this is how you always wanted to tell it, this is how it’s meant to be told.

Intense 1:1 sessions

We’ll work on your story and craft a speech that nails it. That’s what you came for. But you’ll end up transforming the way you speak, act, and lead in every part of your life. You’ll speak with clarity and decisiveness using words that pull your audience in, on the big stage or in intimate personal settings, live, on video or in written communication.

An unfair advantage?

Some call it an unfair advantage. Others call it a reality distortion field. I call it communicating with clarity. What makes it appear unfair is the fact that not many are willing to put in the effort to make their audience care. Yet, that’s what sets great communicators apart: the ability to put in words what your audience cares about but can’t put in words themselves.

Find your own voice

People ask me how to become the next Steve Jobs. My answer is always the same: “We already had Steve Jobs. What we need is you – the best version of you.”

It’s when you discover your own style that you transform into the fascinating communicator who inspires their audience, motivates their team, and makes change happen.

Let’s make that happen!

Languages/Sprachen: english, deutsch

Typical format is a series of sessions of 2-3 hours each,
either online or face-to-face.

How people use my service

Just a few of the many ways how mastering the art of communicating makes a difference for my clients:

Craft their keynote

Great speakers captivate. By making it 100% about the audience, people will be dying to listen to them.

Motivate their team

Great leaders light the path. By finding the right words they empower their teams to achieve more.

Pitch their projects

Great salesmen care. By resonating with what’s important to their customers they establish trusted relationships.

About Dr. Michael Gerharz

Dr. Michael Gerharz

I coach leaders and ruckus makers to make the impact they were made to have. What I do is simple: I ask questions, I listen, and I make you see. That’s it. Yet, time and again, this turns out to be transformative to the way people speak, act, and lead. I’d be honoured to make that happen for you, too.

Here are a few companies I worked with:

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Languages/Sprachen: english, deutsch


Work with me 1:1

Create messages that resonate so strongly that it leads to change!
Focus your message to what matters most to your customers and communicate it with clarity


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