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What if your communication was so strikingly clear that it felt almost irresistible?

Is this you?

  • You have that feeling of total clarity inside but somehow can’t nail it in a concise story?
  • You lead a team of brilliant people but somehow can’t focus them on a common goal?
  • You have a breakthrough idea but somehow can’t describe it clearly and concisely to others?
  • You have that important keynote coming up but somehow can’t find the right angle on your topic?
  • You’re facing an important pitch but somehow struggle to make it irresistible?
  • Your intuition knows what’s right but others keep telling you it’s wrong?

I will help you think, speak, and lead with clarity!

Here’s my promise: In just one session, we’ll find clarity on your most pressing issue. We’ll cut through the clutter, find the guts to focus and craft messages that are super clear and strong. You’ll feel the confidence that comes from this clarity, knowing that your words will make others see what you see.

What my clients are saying

“I am not sure how you crawl into these ideas so quickly, assess them so clearly and then make such helpful summative comments considering an arsenal of factors in such record time.” – Anna Kohler Smith

How does it work?

This is a high-intensity coaching session that helps you craft messages that are super clear and strong. To make it as effective as possible, we’re going to use this process:


You fill out a short questionnaire to help you get the most out of our session and to get me up to speed.

Clarity Coaching Session

This is an intense online session using state-of-the-art tools to help us work efficiently. The session is typically around 3-4 hours but rest assured: It’s open end. We’ll work as long as it takes to find the clarity you seek.


You get a recording of our session and a written summary from me. 1-2 weeks later, we’ll catch up on video to make sure you maintain the momentum. This session is typically 30-45 minutes.

What’s clarity worth? Well, I can’t tell what it’s worth to you. But I can tell you that for my clients it’s been worth way, way more than the price for this coaching.
Price: 2,500€ (excl. VAT), approx. $2,677
Note: If you decide to join one of my “Leaders Light the Path” programs afterwards – either the masterclass or a personal coaching – the fee for the Clarity Coaching can be applied to that.

What my clients are saying

“I have never seen such a well-structured and meaningful coaching. It completely changed the way I look at my pitches.” – Markus Schmitz

Intense 1:1 sessions

Promise: We’ll find the clarity you’re looking for and we’ll work as long as it takes. That’s what you came for. But the best part is this: You’ll end up transforming the way you think, act, and lead in every part of your life. Time and again my clients have called our sessions life changing.

An unfair advantage?

Some call it an unfair advantage. Others call it a reality distortion field. I simply call it clarity. What makes it appear unfair is the fact that only a few are willing to put in the effort to think things through from every angle and say it in plain English. Yet, that’s what sets great leaders apart: The ability to put in simple words what your audience cares about but can’t put in words themselves.

Find your own voice

People ask me how to become the next Steve Jobs. My answer is always the same: “We already had Steve Jobs. What we need is you – the best version of you.”

It’s when you discover your own style that you transform into the fascinating communicator who inspires their audience, motivates their team, and makes change happen.

We’ll find messages that are true to who you are. You’ll speak about the things you truly believe in using words you truly believe in.

What my clients are saying

“I feel so empowered and I'm not afraid anymore to stick my neck out and be different. You could say that I found my voice and the courage to trust in it. Yeah, that’s it. You made me trust my own instincts.” – Phaedra Romney

Let’s make that happen!

Languages/Sprachen: english, deutsch

How people use my service

Just a few of the many ways how mastering the art of communicating makes a difference for my clients:

Craft their keynote

Great speakers have a clear message, a clear storyline, and a clear understanding of what matters most to their audience.

Motivate their team

Great leaders light the path. By aligning their team on a crystal clear common goal they empower them to achieve more.

Pitch their projects

Great salespeople don’t persuade harder, they resonate stronger and establish trusted relationships.

What my clients are saying

“Your clarity of thought has been invaluable. I am using this daily in my work in the world right now in this public health crisis.” – Kathy Lemaire

What my clients are saying

“I realised that I can focus my message so much more to something that I'm personally really excited about, something that makes me wake up in the morning excited and doesn't get out of my head because I constantly think about it and I constantly think about how to share that with more people.” – Disco

About Dr. Michael Gerharz

Dr. Michael Gerharz

I coach leaders and ruckus makers to make the impact they were made to have. What I do is simple: I ask questions, I listen, and I make you see. That’s it. Yet, time and again, this turns out to be transformative to the way people speak, act, and lead. I’d be honoured to make that happen for you, too.

Here are just a few of the many companies I worked with:

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Languages/Sprachen: english, deutsch

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