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The biggest confidence hack

The biggest confidence hack?

Find the words you truly believe in about the things you deeply believe in.

Lack of confidence mostly means lack of trust in one (or both) of these. If you don’t trust

  • in your words being the right words (in that moment and to that audience) or
  • in the thing being the right thing (in that moment and for that audience)
    that’s a big roadblock for showing up with confidence. Your body senses the insecurity and will surface it in your body language and tone of voice.

The body language hacks from the last workshop don’t really help, either. Acting in contradiction to what your body wants to do is hard, even for professional actors (which is why they don’t usually do it but have developed different strategies).

It’s a different game when you first build trust in your words and the things you make. Then, everything you’ll do to boost your confidence won’t be in contradiction with what your body wants to do, anymore, but in alignment.

The key is amplifying rather than correcting your body language.

Find the words you truly believe in about the things you deeply believe in. And then amplify what your body wants to do.

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