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When clarity emerges

When clarity emerges, it immediately dissolves.

Clarity invites new possibilities and opens up new directions. Which inevitably push clarity away.

If you pursue the possibilities, you’ll have to figure them out and seek clarity again.

If you resist the possibilities, you’ll never know what’s behind and loose clarity.

Onto a new quest for clarity. It’s an infinite game.

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I don’t know

But I wanna find out.But I don’t care.But I will pretend that I know. Who of the three are you?(And how does that depend on

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Seeing it

One of the most powerful questions to ask in order to speak with clarity is “Can you see it?”. Because when you can see it,

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Proud to work here

How many of your team members tell their families and friends that they are genuinely proud of working in your team? Are you yourself proud

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