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The leadership frequency trap

“I’ve said it a thousand times.”

Well, you have. I totally get that you’re tired of repeating the message over and over again:

  • This is where we’re headed.
  • This is what we’re building.
  • This is how we do things over here.
  • etc.

You’re literally lighting the path a hundred times each and every day.

Also, you might have stepped into the leadership frequency trap.

As the founder or the leader of your team, you have plenty of conversations each day. In most of these conversations, you’ll highlight some aspects of your vision. You’re selling to customers. You’re pitching to partners. You’re inspiring a member of your team in a 1:1. And we’re only halfway through the day …

For you, it feels like you’re really lighting the path all the time. The only problem is that each time you’re speaking to a different audience.

Most of your team is not in these meetings. Most of your customers don’t spend their whole time listening to you. Most people actually hear most of your messages quite infrequently.

What feels too much for you is probably too little for them. Lighting the path really is a continuous activity.

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