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Not that important

“I don’t have time for doing a workout today.”

You probably don’t.

Or do you but you’ve got more important things to do? Or maybe you’re just happy you’ve found an excuse. Or not.

Replacing “I don’t have time for X” with “X is not that important” is a great tool to get your priorities straight and focus on what’s important rather than urgent. What is the right thing to do in the long run rather than what feels good in the moment?

“Doing a workout today is not that important.”

“Spending a few hours with my kids this evening is not that important.”

“Refining the pitch deck is not that important.”

And we can even reverse it:

“Watching three episodes of this TV show is rather important.”

“Jumping on Instagram right now is rather important.”

How do you feel about your decision now?

(Actually, I think it’s even better to remove “that” and “rather” so that the decision becomes “X is not important” or “X is important”.)

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