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Just for today

What if, just for today, instead of reading 100 posts on social media, you read one chapter in a book?

What if, instead of scratching the surface of 100 ideas, you dug deep on one idea?

Or what if, instead of seeing a tiny snapshot of 100 people’s lives, you picked up the phone to have a long conversation with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while?

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Swift action needed

It’s not that bad leaders are similar to good leaders, just less effective. Bad leaders are much better thought of as the opposite of good

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Brilliance booster

When you hire a coach, it’s most likely because you want to improve your situation in some way. But there’s a huge gap between how

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The words they use

Average communicators deliver information, good ones spark our interest, great ones redefine what’s possible for us. All of them do it using words. But what

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Daily insights on
The Art of Communicating

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