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“I think; therefore I am right.”

That’s the sentiment we see in many public discussions where opinions are the premise rather than the result of a thinking process.

“I am right!” is a sentiment that you often find in people who believe that “being wrong” is a sign of weakness. Also in people who fear change and the consequences of not being right.

In the most extreme cases, it’s almost as if these people feel entitled to owning the truth. So that the truth would have to bend according to their opinion rather than the other way around.

“I think; therefore I am right.” is a huge stretch from Descartes’ famous original insight “I think; therefore I am”. Ironically, it was based on the insight that there’s really not much that he could be certain about.

It’s the doubt that opens up new ways and shows us new solutions to old problems. That’s why a better stance would be:

I think therefore I get it right.

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