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Your relationship with focus

Focusing hurts.

Especially for people who deeply care about what they do and who spend what feels like every waking hour thinking about their idea.

Part of the reason why they are so good at what they do is that they care for the details. They pick up every stone and look behind every corner.

What they find can be fascinating, sometimes opening up a whole new branch of possibilities.

For these people, it can hurt to let go of these possibilities.

And yet, it’s essential …

  • for yourself, so you don’t loose yourself in the details and get distracted with stuff that would ultimately lead you off track,
  • for your team, so everyone’s pulling in the same direction which allows you to build something extraordinary that you can actually be known for,
  • for your audience so that they can have a position in their mind that they know you for and can pass that story along.

Nevertheless, it hurts.

Which is why it takes courage. The courage to make a choice: What exactly is the focus?

One realization made the choice easier for me: The fact that if you don’t choose, someone else will.

It could be your team, your customers, your audience.

Or it could be time.

Basically, if you’re not making the choice you’re delegating it.

That’s not what I want.

What’s your relationship with focus?

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