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Moving faster

“I’m not getting the results I’m looking for … so I need to work harder and move faster.”

But do you?

Because the thing is when you’re moving full speed in the wrong direction, you’re not going to arrive anywhere meaningful. It pays to reflect on whether you’re actually headed in the right direction before working harder or moving faster.

Which means that the opposite might be way more useful. Pause for a moment. Reflect, refocus, and refine to gain clarity about where you’re headed. Or more precisely: where you should be heading.

That process takes time. You might feel that it slows you down. But it’s required work that will pay off manifold when you do it properly.

That’s one of the reasons why you can’t accelerate the “Crack the Clarity Code” course. Lessons are released daily and there’s no way for you to skip ahead.

When you’re considering the course, you’re looking for clarity, not speed, don’t you? The quick answer is usually not the most clearest answer. That’s why I want you to really think the prompts through before you move on to the next lesson. When you do, the next lesson will be so much more valuable. And the results will feel so much clearer.

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