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What happened to your sales skills?

We’re all natural born sellers.

We sold our parents on staying up late,
getting that ice cream,
and buying these shoes.

We sold our friends on joining us for the concert,
listening to this great new song,
and hanging out in the park.

That wasn’t hard.

Not exactly easy, either.
We had to fight for some of those.
Find better words.
Try empathy.
and more …

But in the grand scheme of things,
we pretty much knew what to do
and we just did it.

In our jobs, however, many of us tell ourselves that we’re not good at selling – although we obviously are, see above.

But why? What changed?

I think a major factor is how badly we want the thing we’re selling someone on.

That ice cream? We wanted it badly.
That concert? It was our favorite band and their only concert this year.

But the new project?

It’s nice and all.
It’s kind of fun, too.
But do we burn for it?
Do we want it badly?
Maybe not.

It think that’s the leverage.

What would need to change so that you want it badly?
(so badly that you know what to do and just do it)

Try to articulate it!
Try to find the words for it!

And then pay attention to how you react!

Could it be that you’re “not good” at selling because you’re working on something that you don’t fully believe in?

That’s the power of finding the right words.
You can articulate that.
You can figure out what’s off.

But it gets even better.
You can also articulate what it would need to look like so that you fully believe in it.

And then work towards it, inspire your team, …

That’s the power of finding the right words.
Everything gets easier, once you find them.

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