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Time’s up

If you care for what you do, you’ll always have more interesting things to say than you’ve got time to say them.

Of course, speeding up is not an option (if only because when time’s up, you still won’t have told me everything despite speeding up).

Now, here’s a thought: If we can’t tell them everything anyway, why not turn this into a feature:

Slow down!

… and spend all of our time on one thing. And make it the most interesting thing. So that we can invest all of our time to make them see that this is – indeed – super interesting, super relevant, and super important.

We will not be able to tell them everything we could tell them. But: By making them care for what we did tell them, we achieved something way more important: We bought us more time.

They will beg us to continue the conversation. They might even invite us to a more in-depth meeting.

When time is scarce (and it always is), don’t just fill it up. Use it wisely.

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