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Rule no. 2

I often speak about the brutality of the first rule of communication: The audience is always right. If they didn’t get it, they didn’t get it.

But don’t forget that there’s a second rule, too: You get to choose your audience.

You don’t have to please everyone. You don’t need everyone to get it.

Some will not even want to get it. For example, when they don’t like you. Or it’s against their beliefs. Some have budget constraints that they don’t tell you about. Others might like pink better.

Which is really good news. Because it means that you can stop wasting time on (and being frustrated about) these people and focus your effort on the ones who do want to get it.

This is a choice. The clearer you are on the people you want to reach, the clearer you can make your message for them. It’s ok that the others don’t get it.

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