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There’s something wrong with storytelling

If storytelling is that ancient tool that fuels all human learning, then shouldn’t it be easier after all these years?

Shouldn’t we just have learnt by now how to tell a story? Just like we know how to add 2 and 2 together?

And yet, looking around (or googling the term “storytelling”) I sometimes get the impression that telling stories is designed to be complicated. That somehow only a privileged breed of “storytellers” are supposed to really master the art. And that you need to learn a complex framework (such as the hero’s journey) and a number of other techniques before you can even start to tell your story.

I don’t think that’s true. Quite the opposite: I firmly believe that if you care for what you do and if you have an offer that actually solves someone’s problem, then you already have all you need to tell a compelling story.

The most surprising aspect is that in my experience, the best stories are not even the stories you tell but the stories you spark in your audience’s minds.

Later this year, I’m launching a new online course to unleash the storyteller in you. My promise is that this will be the simplest and yet, most effective approach to storytelling you’ve seen, yet.

We’re doing without any complex frameworks and start from what you deeply care about. We’re looking at the fundamental reasons why stories work and then make them work for you. So that you can just start to tell your story from where you’re at.

If that resonates, I’d love to make you a special pre-launch offer.

Reserve your seat to …

  • get early access to crucial insights on and masterful examples of storytelling, released weekly until launch.
  • secure 25% off when you decide to actually enroll in the course at any point pre-launch.
  • join an exclusive, free group video call with me where we discuss common pitfalls in storytelling and during which you have the chance of getting 1:1 feedback on your storytelling.

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