Spark a Story,
drive action!

The simplest, most effective approach to storytelling

Something’s wrong with storytelling.

Let me explain:

Telling effective stories should be simple. Finally, it is.

What customers are saying

“We were able to close a deal as a complete nobody in our industry. Everyone said it’s not going to work, but it did. Highly recommended. It’s such an unusual approach that we have adopted for all of our presentations.” – Robert Henman

A fundamentally simpler approach to telling effective stories

“Spark a Story” is an eye-opening online course that will completely change the way you look at storytelling. It does away with complex frameworks and instead leads you to understand the single most important ingredient that makes stories irresistible: your audience’s mind.

With this understanding, you’ll be able to answer all of these questions:

Why stories work

How to get attention

How to raise tension

How to drive action

How to boost impact

The best part is this: We’re not going to stop at knowing how to tell a great story. You’re going to leave the course actually telling it. You’ll finally be able to drive action through stories without all the overhead of other approaches. Stop bothering with complex frameworks and start telling your story.

You’re going to tell irresistible stories!

Skip the frameworks, understand the fundamentals, drive action!

How does the online course work?


Each day is kicked off with a short video that introduces you to a profound insight on storytelling.


Afterwards you’ll get a prompt that helps you reflect on that insight, dig deeper and apply it to your own story.


The real benefit is in doing the work. The daily prompts will gradually lead you to a story that totally nails it.

What’s a great story worth? Well, I can’t tell what it’s worth to you. But I can tell you that for my clients this approach has transformed the way they communicate in every corner of their lives. For them it’s been worth way, way more than the price for this program.
Price: 129€ (excl. VAT)
Note: If you decide to join one of my “Leaders Light the Path” programs afterwards – either the masterclass or a personal coaching – the fee for “Spark a Story” can be applied to that.

Is “Spark a Story” for me?

This course is for you if
  • You want to craft pitches that get results.
  • You want to inspire your team to achieve more.
  • You want to resonate strongly with your customers.
  • You want to give captivating keynotes.
  • You want to leverage stories in conversations and negotiations.
  • You want websites that draw visitors in. 
  • You want to level up your writing on social media and blogs.
This course will transform the way approach any of these situations. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it, anymore. Instead of juggling complex frameworks, you’re simply going to tell your story, inspire your audience, and drive action.

What customers are saying

“I feel so empowered and I'm not afraid anymore to stick my neck out and be different. You could say that I found my voice and the courage to trust in it.” – Phaedra Romney

What’s different about the “Spark a Story” approach?

It’s not the stories that we tell that get us the impact, it’s the stories that are triggered in our audience’s minds that make the impact. And that’s a huge difference.

Rather than fit everything into the same inflexible storytelling framework and adapt your idea to the framework, we’re doing it the other way around. We’ll derive the story that works for your audience by understanding what drives them.

It turns out that the more useful question to ask is: How can we trigger the right stories in our audience’s minds? It’s way simpler, it’s way more authentic to the change you make, and it has a much better chance of resonating with the right people because it’s all based on what your audience is already curious about.

Frequently Asked Questions

The course will launch on June, 1st. It’s a self paced course that you can start at any time and go through at your own pace.

Short answer: 7 days.

Long answer: Lessons are released daily and will step-by-step lead you to understand why stories work and how you can turn any idea into an irresitible story for your audience.

“Spark a Story” is an approach that will change the way you look at communication. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it, anymore. The more you apply it, the more it will become second nature. As the course is yours to keep, it will always be there to support you.

First, consider this: The more you put in, the more you’ll get out. The minimum time invest is 20 minutes per day. But you can invest a lot more than that if you want to get the most out of the course. And many, in fact, do.

Remember that the magic is in doing the work, thinking it through and putting into action what you’ve discovered.

The beauty of it is this: it’s always been in you. We’re just letting it out.

My goal is to lead you to really understanding the principles and be able to turn your ideas into stories. I’ll walk you through a thoroughly crafted process that will lead you to clarity about what works specifically for you. This level of clarity takes time – and so does this process. The magic really is in doing the work – thoroughly.

This course is designed to give you the space – and time – to arrive at not just any story, but your story. (Plus: Some prompts require you to do some research that you won’t have available right away.)

It’s yours to keep. In fact, I highly encourage you to revisit the prompts and apply it to future ideas again and again.

Of course! Here’s my promise: You will leave the course with a story that’s ready to be shared with the world. We won’t stop at knowing how to tell your story. I’ll guide you to actually find the story and be able to tell it.
(And to make sure that you know I’m absolutely positive on this: There’s a do-the-work-money-back guarantee for the online course. Just show me that you’ve done all the prompts and I’m happy to refund the full fee, no further questions asked.)

What customers are saying

“I have never seen such a well-structured and meaningful coaching. It completely changed the way I look at my pitches.” – Markus Schmitz

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Dr. Michael Gerharz

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