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The urgent and the important

Some things are urgent, others are important.
Some things are both, others are neither.

If you’re managing a project, spending your time on things that are neither urgent nor important can quickly turn into a disaster. Most time management tips aim at limiting – if not eliminating – time spent on non-urgent and non-important tasks.

If you’re managing your personal time, the opposite might be true. Spending no time on those things can turn into a creativity disaster.

It’s often the non-urgent, non-important tasks that provide us with unexpected insights and new ways to connect the dots.

This allows things to become important, things you didn’t even know would ever be important. Things that only in hindsight turned out to be the most crucial part of your path.

How do you manage your time when it comes to seemingly unimportant and non-urgent things? Do you allow yourself to procrastinate?

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