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The proud hustler

The hustler is proud of that they made it. They worked the night through and hit the submit button one minute before the deadline. Which felt so good. The kick of adrenaline did its part in amplifying that feeling.

It also makes for some really great stories. After all, that’s the stuff that heroes’ journeys are made of: overcoming the obstacles, standing on the verge of defeat, but still making it and succeeding in the end.

All good reasons to be proud of yourself.

The alternative would be to be proud not of that you made it but of what you made. Which is hard when your focus is in hustling your way through the final night.

When you need to just hit that deadline it’s hard to focus, at the same time, on making it the best thing you can possibly make.

When have you been that hustler? What have you changed so that next time you could focus more on the outcome as opposed to just somehow making it to the finish line?

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