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The Pathlighter Gallery

Leaders who light the path often don’t like to be in the spotlight. They care for their cause, not for the applause.

It’s not that they shy away from the spotlight. If the spotlight is what’s required to advance their cause, they will walk on any stage that calls for it. It’s part of the job.

But many prefer not to if they don’t have to.

Which is why quite a number of them fly under the radar. We don’t know nearly enough about them.

And that is a pity. Because their example can serve as an inspiration for others to follow their lead. To do work that matters and tell true stories about it that make us see what they see.

Let’s change that.

Since I’ve published the “Leaders Light the Path Manifesto” last week, quite a number of people have spoken up to bring these leaders to our attention. We’ve learned about Margo who helps businesses market with honesty. We’ve learned about the barber who has delivered one of the greatest speeches in film’s history.

Today, I’m launching the “Leaders light the path Gallery”. A place to get inspired by great leaders who are a role model for this approach like the ones I just mentioned.

I would love for you to help us grow the gallery so that we can all learn from great examples. It’s really easy to nominate someone as a leader who lights the path. Just post somewhere about them and tell us how they light the path. Send us a link to the post to Optionally, tag your post with #LeadersLightThePath.

If you want a little guidance on how to prepare a post, just download this little cheat sheet (a Word document that you can easily fill out).

Please, help us light the path!

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