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The coaching spectrum

A lot of coaching focuses on fixing the coachee. Someone has a problem and visits a coach to help them overcome it and pull them out.

A different approach to coaching is more like the “sports” way. Their focus is not on fixing you but in helping you to achieve your goals and push you forward.

A third kind avoids pushing and pulling. These coaches try to make the coachee see the possible paths so that the coachee can make conscious choices based on what they see.

The differences might look subtle. All three approaches work towards an outcome that improves on the current situation.

But they can feel vastly different – on both sides of the room.

If you’re a coach where do you sit on that spectrum?
If you’re not a coach what do you seek in a coach?

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One more thing

It’s been a great presentation so far. Time’s up. But: You can say one more thing. What will it be? Will it be a thank

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