Leaders Light The Path

Great leaders light the path and tell stories that resonate so strongly that it incites action and creates movements. Learn how in this intense masterclass.

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One that’s clear and concise, truthful and honest.

It changes everything. It’s way more authentic. It’s way more to the point. It increases your influence and impact. It incites action. It can even create movements.

“I imagine a world in which those of us who have an important story to tell, a story that has the potential to change the world, find the words to make that happen.”



Doing the work. That’s what this masterclass is all about. Not blueprints or quick-routes. Neither hacks nor dirty tricks. It’s about learning how – and why – things work.

You just can’t learn to communicate by watching a couple of videos and reading a handful of posts. To master the art of communicating you gotta communicate. Fact.

Here’s what you’ll gain: You’ll find the confidence to focus your message and tell your story with your unique voice. A voice you can trust.

RIGOUR leads to
RELEVANCE which is the basis for
RESONANCE and that creates

Looking at the masters of communication, it often appears that they have some natural talent, some sort of unfair advantage to find the words that just nail it. Yet, the truth is that they work rigorously to walk in their audience’s shoes. It turns out that nailing your story means resonating with your audience. Once you start doing this, the words will come naturally to you. And they will get you the influence and impact you deserve

What will I get out of this masterclass?

First, consider this: The more you put in, the more you’ll get out. Do the work, interact with the other brilliant minds in the class and you’ll get back much more than you put in.

What specifically? A deep understanding for what matters to your audience. Clarity about your message, the guts to focus, trust in your own voice, and the confidence to tell your story in a way that feels like this is the way you always wanted to tell it, this is the way it’s meant to be told.

The beauty of it is this: it’s always been in you. We’re just letting it out.

Who is the masterclass for?

This masterclass is for you if you have an important story to tell. A story that has the potential to change the world because it is about work that matters.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur starting a new business, a leader wanting to inspire your team, whether you’ve built an amazing product or want to share your story with the world, this masterclass will help you to spread the word.

What do previous participants say about the masterclass?

I feel so empowered and I'm not afraid anymore to stick my neck out and be different. You could say that I found my voice and the courage to trust in it. Yeah, that’s it. You made me trust my own instincts. You helped me to see that whatever the outcome will be, I am who I am. I want to put something into the world, according to my own ideas. I have to thank you for that because it gave me wings.

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Phaedra Romney
Coach & Trainer
During the masterclass, I realised that I can focus my message so much more to something that I'm personally really excited about, something that makes me wake up in the morning excited and doesn't get out of my head because I constantly think about it and I constantly think about how to share that with more people.
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Teacher & Mentor
I think the main thing I got from this workshop is a real sense of clarity that didn’t exist before. And for me, it was also a renewed enthusiasm for my venture. I've been working on this for a long time and had that nagging doubt that you have at the back of the mind that everything you’re producing in written word is just slightly off, it never nailed exactly what I was trying to say. Gaining clarity has removed these doubts in my mind. The best part is that I feel like I can repeat the whole process that we went through and get to similar levels of clarity.
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David Hamilton-Jones
I really liked that the whole class was focused towards an outcome. I went into the course with the plan to use it for my marketing and that’s exactly what it helped me achieve. That's a great value and very different from other courses. I also really liked the Q&A. You were so accessible and the way you responded was invaluable, not only in the live calls, actually, but also during the whole masterclass.
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Jobien Hekking
CEO & Founder

How does the masterclass work?

It’s an intense workshop that spans four weeks. Each week is kicked off by a 60min live-call. It takes place Tuesdays at 11am ET / 4pm UK time.

In between the live-calls there will be daily prompts, 24 in total plus a couple of bonus prompts if you want to dig even deeper. You’ll get feedback from me personally as well as your classmates, brilliant minds who care just as much about their cause as you do for yours. This is the most valuable part as it encourages you to dig deeper and push further.

The four weeks are structured as follows:

Step 1. Finding razor-sharp focus even for the most complex ideas
You’ll learn how to cut through the clutter and craft messages that are super clear and strong.

Step 2. Moving people to action
You’ll learn how to inspire your audience, motivate your team, and pitch your products using powerful tools like the red pill approach to communication.

Step 3. Here to stay
You’ll learn how to get into people’s minds and stay there using the mosquito effect and other surprising techniques.

Step 4. Tell your story
You’ll learn how to tell a story that deeply resonates with your audience and that leads them to the point of no return, a point where they can’t unsee what you made them see.

Will it work?

Of course! Here’s my promise: You will leave the workshop ready to tell your story. We won’t stop at knowing how to tell your story. We’ll guide you to actually telling your story. Whether it’s on video, in person or in written form, that’s up to you. But you will tell it. (And to make sure that you know I’m absolutely positive on this: There’s a do-the-work-money-back guarantee)

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Enrollment is currently closed

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