Leaders Light The Path

Launching this fall

Great leaders light the path and craft messages that resonate so strongly that it incites action and creates movements. Learn how in this intense masterclass.

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I feel so empowered and I'm not afraid anymore to stick my neck out and be different. You could say that I found my voice and the courage to trust in it. Yeah, that’s it. You made me trust my own instincts. You helped me to see that whatever the outcome will be, I am who I am. I want to put something into the world, according to my own ideas. I have to thank you for that because it gave me wings.
Phaedra Romney
Coach & Trainer
During the masterclass, I realised that I can focus my message so much more to something that I'm personally really excited about, something that makes me wake up in the morning excited and doesn't get out of my head because I constantly think about it and I constantly think about how to share that with more people
Teacher & Mentor
I think the main thing I got from this workshop is a real sense of clarity that didn’t exist before. And for me, it was also a renewed enthusiasm for my venture. I've been working on this for a long time and had that nagging doubt that you have at the back of the mind that everything you’re producing in written word is just slightly off, it never nailed exactly what I was trying to say. Gaining clarity has removed these doubts in my mind. The best part is that I feel like I can repeat the whole process that we went through and get to similar levels of clarity.
David Hamilton-Jones
I really liked that the whole class was focused towards an outcome. I went into the course with the plan to use it for my marketing and that’s exactly what it helped me achieve. That's a great value and very different from other courses. I also really liked the Q&A. You were so accessible and the way you responded was invaluable, not only in the live calls, actually, but also during the whole masterclass.
Jobien Hekking
CEO & Founder