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Now it’s clear, now it’s not

As we make progress, things tend to become more complex. Even if we started from a position of total clarity, new ideas pop up, new paths want to be explored, and generally, times change – so we need to adapt.

Along our journey, it’s important to regularly remind us about what matters most, what’s non-essential, and who it’s for. A couple of questions that you can ask:

Are our actions still in line with what we want to be known for?
Or have we become distracted by all these new ideas popping up? Maybe it’s time to change direction but it’s more likely that we need to remind us about where we’re headed and how the new idea fits into this path.

Are we still doing what’s most important?
Or have we become distracted by the urgent? Daily business is a beast. It just keeps coming and coming. And quicker than we can say “non-essential” our schedule is filled with all sorts of non-essential stuff. Don’t forget to strip the non-essential when you’re already on the path.

Are we still pushing back the Curse of Knowledge?
The more we tell our story, the more we become accustomed to the way we tell it. This opens the floodgate for new blind spots to build. Constantly check with your audience and with your partners whether everything you say is clear to them. And don’t forget to open your eyes for better ways to say the things you’ve been saying for so long.

Are we still boosting our impact?
What used to work isn’t guaranteed to keep on working. Are the boosters we discovered still the best way to boost our message? Or do we have to look for new ways? Maybe, we saw something on Instagram or YouTube that clicked for us and that we can adapt to our style to boost our own message.

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