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The TV show Ted Lasso is full of interesting, rich characters. One of them is Nate, the kit man who became assistant coach and later known as “The Wonder Kid”.

When he felt underappreciated by Ted Lasso and the Richmond team, he left to become the head coach at rival team West Ham United where he was unbelievably successful, heading from win to win, truly acting as a wonder kid.

And yet, he chose to quit mid-season.

It was a toxic environment.

Nate is an unusual example in today’s world. He finds joy from perfecting the things he does rather than from doing the perfect thing.

He prefers to work in a healthy environment that values the little contributions that anyone makes over being the shining light in a toxic environment.

He prooves that passion is not always something that strikes you at birth, but something that can be found in the things you do.

If you haven’t watched the show, I highly recommend you do. Nate is just one of many fascinating characters.

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