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Is life logical?

Maybe not, as Arno Geiger points out:

“The inclination towards logic in literature is nothing but a prejudice against life. In the many collections of letters and diaries, I have never come across a logical person, let alone a logical life story, neither in my everyday life nor in any of the major collections.”

Arno Geiger is a well-known Austrian writer who, for decades, has collected collections of letters and diaries from trash. The above is one of the core findings he shares in his memoirs about the lessons he learned during that time.

And it might explain the struggles we often have with making sense of other people’s actions (or our own): There might be less logic in our actions than we feel comfortable admitting.

Which, in turn, causes communication challenges when we try to find the sense in things that don’t always make as much sense.

What’s easily overlooked is that logic is only one aspect of human life. Often, it’s not the deciding factor for the choices we make, at least not the only one. Which means that focusing solely on logic in your communication misses out on a big part of many people’s lives: the emotional, intuitive, and sometimes irrational aspects that are equally vital in understanding human behavior and decision-making.

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