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Building a community on trust

This is the first in a series on leaders who light the path, a group of extraordinary people doing work that matters. All of them have been pioneers in going through my new masterclass “Leaders Light the Path” which will open to the public this fall.

David Hamilton-Jones is the founder of CompareTheCampervan which makes it easy to find information on campervan building companies in the UK. His vision for the newly launched platform is nothing short of redefining what a review site can be. I’ve spoken with David about this vision and how he plans to make it happen. (Read the full interview here.)

Just by looking into David’s eyes you can sense his sheer passion for his venture. Listening to him when he speaks, you immediately feel that he means every word he says. And so, when he speaks about the importance of trust, there’s zero doubt that he deeply believes it when he says:

Trust is at the heart of any thriving community.

That’s why he’s building his new platform CompareTheCampervan on this one guiding principle of trust.

Like any other industry, it’s super-hard to find reliable information on campervans. Review sites often can’t be trusted for many reasons and community forums are often full of trolls and bots. But David has set out to prove that a better community exists. One that’s built on trust. One that provides information you can rely on. One that welcomes and values the contribution of each member, builds on their experiences, and supports each other.

Read his fascinating story in the first interview of the new “Leaders who light the path” series.

PS: If you’d like to find the same level of clarity that David got from the masterclass, I’d love you to consider joining the public launch this fall. Get notified here.

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