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Are you tired of coaches who think you need “fixing”?

There’s a prevailing notion in parts of the industry that individuals come to coaches because something is “broken”.

Recently, I spoke with a colleague who essentially said “I know better than him what he wants,” implying that this person was kind of lost and needed to be saved.

I prefer a different take: I believe in guiding you towards clarity, not telling you what you should want or need. Everyone, regardless of their current state, possesses an inherent brilliance. It’s one of the reasons why I identify less as a “coach” and more as an “advisor”.

My clients work with me because they are brilliant at what they do and they want to make the best out of that brilliance. I don’t fix them. I grow them.

I never tell you what you should want. I listen closely. I ask questions (tough ones at times). And I help you understand your choices. But it’s always you who makes the choice.

It can feel like coaching at times. It can feel like mentoring. Or anything in between. But in the end, it’s mainly just sharing my expertise with you.

When you think of seeking guidance, are you looking for someone to ‘fix’ you or to help you shine brighter?

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