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Where and why, not how

Leaders who light the path find the words to capture where a team is going and why it’s going there.

What they usually don’t do is to tell their team how to get there.

Because it’s one of the safest ways to demotivate a team of brilliant people: micromanaging them by telling them how to do their work.

Brilliant people are self-motivated. They want to do the best work they are capable of. Not only do they know very well how to do their job, it’s a safe bet to assume that they know it better than you.

Light them the path, but let them decide how to walk it.

PS: Have you read the “Leaders Light the Path” manifesto? If it resonates, please share it with someone who needs to read it.

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The day after

The keynote was a great success. Standing ovations. “What a great presentation!”“You’re a natural born presenter!”“That was quite the roller-coaster ride! What a brilliant show!”

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