The sweet spot

The sweet spot for running a sustainable business is to do things that
i. you are deeply passionate about,
ii. unbelievably good at and
iii. can make a healthy profit from.

Three common misconceptions about the sweet spot:
No. 1: Because it’s your passion, it’s not hard work.
No. 2: Because you’re good at it, it’s easy.
No. 3: Because people pay you, it’s profitable.

All three can be true. But you shouldn’t count on it.

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Enough is not enough

There’s no shortage of great products. Take almost any industry and we have enough of what it sells. We have no shortage of great yoghurt

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Persuading people

The moment you try to persuade your customer you essentially admit that … i) either you don’t fully understand what really matters to them orii)

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Dr. Michael Gerharz

Dr. Michael Gerharz


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