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Everything that can be automated, will be automated

When you visit McDonald’s, you don’t need much human interaction, anymore. Go to a terminal, place your order, pay, pick up your meal. No need to speak even a word.

It’s much more convenient for McDonald’s, too. Three terminals easily replace one human and so they can sell faster. Plus, there’s no need to speak with annoying customers.

Everything that can be automated, most likely will.

Which makes the leverage for non-automated interaction even greater.

The crucial aspect is this: Can you provide a better experience than the automation? Can you put a smile on your customer’s faces in a way machines cannot? Can you leverage emotional labor to delight a customer in a way machines cannot (yet)?

If you can’t, your business might be in trouble sooner or later.

If you can, however, your business might be better positioned than ever.

What if you could speak with irresistible clarity?

My eBook teaches you a 5-step process that works

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Beginning and end

Every presentation starts at the beginning and stops at the end. Unless it doesn’t. Like most presentations. (Yours?) I mean, of course, every presentation starts

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Not my fault

“On slide 19, I clearly stated this …” Of course you did. But your audience didn’t get it. And that’s the end of the story.

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