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Seeing it

One of the most powerful questions to ask in order to speak with clarity is “Can you see it?”.

Because when you can see it, it means that you can describe what you see.

And when you describe it, this gives me a chance to see it, too.

If we stop our thinking short of seeing, this is what might happen: We speak about our ideas, “thinking” they are clear, only to discover that the words we use are not really clear to others.

(And, if we’re being totally honest, sometimes not even to ourselves.)

For example:

  • Innovative? How does that look like? What do you see?
  • Empowerment? How does that look like? What do you see?
  • Friendly service? How doest that look like? What do you see?
  • Open feedback culture? How does that look like? What do you see?

The truth is that people see different things when they hear these words. Being specific about what you see, helps to align their vision with yours.

The magic happens when “what you see” and “what I see” merge to form a “we see”.

Which allows the conversation to focus on the questions that matter to make happen what “we see”.

So, can you make me see what you see?

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