4 questions for schools

  1. Should a response that’s correct and clear get more points than one that’s merely correct?
  2. Should finding a good question get more points than giving a good answer (which would, first of all, require that finding questions gets you points at all)?
  3. If (at least part of) business is about failing fast and failing often, should there be points for failure?
  4. Should the 2nd foreign language be Java rather than French or Spanish?

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Most storytelling is selfish

Let’s face it, storytelling in business is mostly selfish. It’s about getting attention, engagement, and ultimately, the deal. The childhood stories people tell, the holiday

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The truth about cars

There was a time when cars didn’t have seat belts. There was even a time when car makers hesitated to equip their cars with seat

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Existential Threats

In order to understand business moves of larger corporations, it’s a useful exercise to consider how they relate to existential threats to their business model.

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