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Some salespeople love to make decisions on behalf of their customer. Their favorite one: the purchase. These salespeople have already decided that their customer wants the deal, long before the conversation has actually started.

And it’s fascinating to see them succeed by sheer will.

For this breed of salespeople a “no” is just another word for “needs more info”. They are trained in objection handling and equipped with honey traps to make an offer the customer “can’t resist”. They just won’t stop pushing until they get the deal.

And it works. They make another deal. Often enough.

The deal might even be in the customer’s best interest.

Or it might not.

That’s not what drives these salespeople, the closure of the deal does.

And yet, the sad part is something else: This kind of behavior is the consequence of some deep insecurity. This salesforce doesn’t really believe in their offering. They don’t trust their offer to be strong enough that they can trust the customer with the decision to buy.

Last week, I’ve worked with a company that has no salesforce at all. They trust in their offering to be so good that the customer doesn’t need to be persuaded. If a customer has the problem that this company solves, they will choose that company to solve it. Not because someone pushes them to but because they want to.

The ingredients for this kind of offer are:

  • a deep understanding of the problem that the customer really has.
  • rigorous work to build an offering that actually solves it.
  • telling true stories with irresistible clarity about the work you’ve done.

If these are really the problems and your solution really solves them, then you can skip persuading and start resonating.

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