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AI writing tools

AI writing assistants are all over the place. Although their writing is often bad.

But so is yours when you write the first draft of your text.

The first draft is a huge hurdle for many non-professional writers (and also for quite some professionals, actually). Writing a first draft takes time and (often) way too much over-thinking.

Here’s the thing: You never publish your first draft, do you? It’s what gets your writing started. You edit it. You restructure it. Sometimes you even re-write the whole piece.

The first draft is what made the final piece happen. It’s what triggered your thinking to go deeper and find a way to express what you actually wanted to say.

This is one way how AI writing apps can help people who struggle to come up with the first draft. To get to that first draft more quickly and find out what you actually want to say. You don’t publish the text that the AI produced. You use it to trigger your own writing.

Have you tried AI tools, yet? How? And what for? I would love to hear about your experience.

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