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A Damn Cool Company

I have the privilege of working with people who love what they do and who are extraordinarily good at what they do.

Most of them are humble, too.

They know that their companies are special, but they also see where they are lacking.

They know where they are superior to the competition, but they also know where they are not.

What they don’t often do is take a moment to appreciate that brilliance. The next leap is always already waiting to be made.

When Oliver Kohl, CEO of Rebional, walked into our session, it was clear that he was leading a brilliant team. He had a strong vision for the company and a team that he deeply believed in. Over the past years, they had established themselves at the forefront of innovation in their field (catering). But they were facing some serious setbacks. After many years of hard work, they needed to make yet another leap.

Oliver wanted to inspire his team to believe in themselves just as much as he did.

After we had laid out the story, something magical happened.

He paused.

And calmly said: “This is such a damn cool company.”

It was a moment of revelation, of seeing beyond the collection of services and strategies that occupy his day-to-day work. He saw that he was not just running a business, but leading a true force of change, innovation, and passion.

That’s the power of trying to find the right words. Some words are precise. Some are eloquent. But the right words are more than that. They also feel right. They are true to who you are.

When he saw in plain sight what he had only felt deep inside, it put a bright smile on his face.

Pride is probably the word that describes it best, an outburst of pride.

Moments like these are what makes my job incredibly rewarding. Watching these leaders swell with pride, seeing their bright smiles, and hearing the excitement in their voices as they talk about their companies is a testament to the power of words. Words that don’t just communicate but connect, resonate, and, most importantly, inspire.

Reach out if you want that, too!

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