Master the essential skill of modern leaders
to inspire, motivate, and market.


Master the essential skill
of modern leaders
to inspire, motivate, and market.

Selling is the opposite of shouting

Stop bothering with persuading people. Let others do the shouting.
And let them be ignored.

Modern sales is pull not push. It’s about being so irresistible that your customers will beg you to tell them more. It’s about resonating with what they desire. It’s about telling your story the right way.

Stop persuading and start becoming irresistible!

Leading is the opposite of commanding

Your people don’t need another one who tells them what to do. You hired them precisely because they are the ones who know what to do.

Your job is to inspire them. To motivate them so they aim even higher. And to empower them to live up to it.

Stop commanding and start becoming a leader!

Speaking is the opposite of performing

Others try hard to put on a great show. Because they don’t trust that what they have to say is irresistible.

Here’s the truth: It’s not about adding some secret presentation magic on top but about letting the thing itself shine. Make it 100% about the audience and they will be dying to listen to you.

Stop performing and start captivating!

Let’s make that happen!

Dr. Michael Gerharz

I coach leaders and ruckus makers to make the impact they were made to have. What I do is simple: I ask questions, I listen, and I make you see. That’s it. Yet, time and again, this turns out to be transformative to the way people speak, act, and lead. I’d be honoured to make that happen for you, too.

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How to work with me

Tell your story in a way that feels like this is how you always wanted to tell it, this is how it’s meant to be told.


Intense 1:1 sessions to transform the way you speak, act, and lead. Work with me face-to-face.


Group workshops to develop your team’s communication skills. Improve clarity, productivity, and sales.


Captivating talks to inspire your audience with key insights on communicating in a way that resonates deeply.

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The Book

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Understand audiences and learn how to speak so they will want to listen.
Der AHA-Effekt – Wie Sie Ihr Publikum für sich gewinnen und überzeugend präsentieren

The AHA-Effect

Just because you are in love with your story doesn’t mean that your audience will be, too. More WOW won’t help, though. It would only make your audience cheer even louder “What a great show!” when you actually want them to shout “What a great idea!”
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