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Your speech is a gift

Whether it’s to share insights or to shift perspectives, whether it’s to motivate or to entertain … there are many ways in which your speech can be a gift to your audience.

Don’t you agree that giving a gift generally feels good?

In case of your speech it shifts the focus from your performance to the value you’re providing. You don’t have to ‘perform’ but instead you just share generously.

No pressure there, right?

Why then does giving a speech often feel not so good? Where does the pressure, stress, and nervousness come from?

Perhaps it’s because you’re expecting to get something in return. Which, to me, actually doesn’t qualify as truly giving anymore, does it?

Worse, some speakers show up to only take … their audience’s time, money, support, goodwill, …

When you show up to take or even just to get something in return, you’ll be under immense pressure to succeed. Pressure, though, rarely serves confidence well.

But when you change your lens, that dynamic changes.

When you show up to generously share your experience, the audience will actually be rooting for you because they really want you to succeed. They are on your side.

They don’t see you as a pickpocket for their time or approval anymore. People naturally root for the giver, the sharer, the storyteller.

And that can be a calming thought.

So, be that person and turn your speech into a gift.

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