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Valuing my time

In a fast paced world like ours, attention is among the most precious resources of any audience.

Which makes the ability to find the words that glue your audience to your lips (or their screen) invaluable when you’re a content creator.

And yet, as a content consumer there’s one thing I value even more: Getting to the point.

I appreciate a good story and I admire your skills in creating tension with your story. But I don’t appreciate you wasting my time with tension that leads nowhere, tension that’s just there to keep me hooked … and hooked … and hooked … and … you get the idea.

The creators I keep coming back to are the ones who value my time. They grab my attention and get me in quick. But they let me get out just as quick – at the earliest possible time, not the latest.

They give me the context I need. They give me the info I want. And then they trust me with the decision to come back tomorrow for what else they have to say.

Which I will. (Unlike with time wasters.)

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