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Tons of good reasons

You’ve hit ’em hard with tons of good reasons.
But they still don’t agree.
So what’s wrong with them?

That’s just how it works.

You don’t easily change someone’s mind with good reasons.
If at all.

Actually, the truth hits even harder:
Their take might actually be totally reasonable.
When looking from their perspective.
Or coming from their experience.

More “good reasons” might never bridge the gap between their truth and yours.

So, two options remain:
Persuade harder or resonate stronger.

You can dive deeper into persuasion techniques, understand the human psychology and use psychological hacks to your advantage in order to trick (or force) them into agreeing with you.

Or you can try to resonate. Engage in a conversation. Understand where they’re coming from. What matters to them. And where there’s common ground.

What do you prefer?

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Lack of time

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